Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Try New Things. Why not?

"Pool Party"

OK, Hi.
So it's 2010 and So far it's been a great New Year.
On the first I received notice that I won Third place in the Tom of Finland Emerging Erotic Art Contest.
I've always drawn and always loved to draw but have just started dabbling in the erotic field. I come from a fine art / Fashion back round so drawing pretty people has been drilled into my head. But I was tired of drawing the perfect 10 headed figure and wanted to start to make them do things. Be in situations and places. I've always loved erotic illustrations. Tom of Finland was always an idol. The way He captured the male form and the situations he presented, amazing. I saw the listing for the competition and thought, why not? Let's see if my doodles could make it. And they did. This has inspired me. Why not show my stuff in process? I would like to try and post sketches and final works. From beginning to end. Just get my work out there. Old and new . Couldn't hurt, could it? Hope I'll be able to post as much as I can. I be posting other artists I enjoy and probably a couple silly videos that make me laugh. Hope you enjoy. Please comment and make this a fun New experience for us all !
Thanks in advance,

Find below the link to the competition results. I'm listed under Multiple Figure! I've also included my second entry that did not place. It was for the Fantasy division.

"Down Deep"

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